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Antipasto Madrid

Combination platter with tortilla española, sauteed mushrooms, crab croquettes, cantimpalitos, gambas, empanada de pollo and albondigas.


Spanish Meat & Queso Sliced

Jamon Serrano, chorizo pamplona & blanco with Manchego cheese and Tapas Olives.


Cold Tapas

Tapas Spanish Olives

Black and green olives in garlic, olive oil, and spices.


Tortilla Española

Spanish egg, onion, and potato tart.


Ceviiche De Snapper

 Snapper and scallops sauteed in lemon juice with spices.


Esperragos con Jamon

Fresh steamed Asparagus, jamon and manchego.


Artichoke Toasts

Artichoke hearts, aioli, basil and pepper on baguette.


Roasted Piquillo Peppers

Marinated and served with fresh garlic.


Pan con Tomate & Jamon Serrano

Vine tomatoes and olive oil spread on grilled baquette, topped with spanish serrano ham.


Queso Manchego Style

Vine tomatoes and olive oil spread on grilled baquette, topped with queso manchego.


Hot Tapas

Brava Sauteed Potatoes

Spicy potato and Aioli.



Fried mashed potato ball topped with Aioli.


Fried Eggplant

Topped with chocolate balsamic vinegar sauce & melted brie cheese.


Gambas Ajillo

Sautéed shrimp in a garlic sauce.


Crab Croquettes

Spanish styled crab cakes. (6 pieces)



Topped with a tomato cream sauce.

Served as Dinner for $3.75 More

Vegetable.......................$7.75          Chicken.......................$8.25          Lamb.......................$8.75          Beef.......................$8.25

Tapas Friend Calamari

Deep fried calamari.


Manchego Mac & Cheese

Baked Manchego & goat cheese with shell pasta.


Cheese Fundido

Baked Manchego & Goat cheese with spanish chorizo.


Lamb Chops Madrilenas

3 Chops marinated & grilled served with bomba.


Sauteed Mushroom

Mushrooms tossed in a garlic wine sauce.


Stuffed Roasted Piquillo Peppers

Piquillo peppers stuffed with your choice of poached salmon or Red Snapper.

$ 9.75

Shrimp in Raincoats

Lightly battered shrimp served with a sweet pear sauce.


Paella Rice

Saffron rice mixed with calamari and Spanish chorizo.



Charboiled sliced beed with Spanish chorizo sausage.



Small Spanish sausages sauteed in sherry, served with a bomba.



Meatballs in a mild red sauce.


Bacon Wrapped Figs

Served with a chutney sauce.


Chicken Ajillo

Dark Chicken sauteed in garlic and white wine.



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