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Duende Flamenco Show
Sat. Mar. 23, 2013  8.00 PM - 9.00 PM
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Duende FlamencoThe origin of flamenco is as fascinating as the performance of the art itself. Flamenco developed over centuries from Gypsy, Moorish, and Andalucian artistic traditions to its present form and is now performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls throughout the world such as Carnegie Hall and Royal Albert Hall.

There are many factors that come together to form the beauty and spirit that is flamenco, but none shape and guide the contour of the art and the journey of the music so decisively as the guitar. While the foundation of the different rhythms or "compas" is held together by hand clapping ("palmas"), percussion, or dancing; the guitar acts as a messenger of emotion to all those playing and has an especially intricate relationship with the "cantaor" or singer.  The techniques in flamenco require the guitarist to compel the guitar to breathe the same passion and fire demanded by the rhythm of the song, the intention of the voice, and the movement of the dance.

Duende Flamenco is a full scale flamenco troupe consisting of guitarists Kenji Bakuya and James Samimi, flamenco dancers Aida, Michoncita , Justine Grover "La Tinita,”  Lisa “La Lisa” Smith, and the beautiful voice of cantaora (singer) and dancer Macarena Sainz as well as Joe Hickey aka Pepe Del Norte on cajon (percussion) as well as cante, and occassionally Kazu Nagano also on cajon.  Expect an exciting and passionate performance, representative of a new generation of flamencos who have brought the appeal of flamenco to an international audience.  Duende Flamenco stays true to the art, while providing an entertaining and memorable listening experience to their audience.

Music is an important element for any event as it sets the tone for bringing people together. Duende Flamenco is a group of professional musicians specializing in seizing the moment and establishing the perfect ambiance for any event whether it be a mellow romantic mood, a moderate lively feel or a rapid-fire upbeat celebration. Flamenco adapts to any occasion always providing a profound, memorable experience! With an ever expanding repertoire and a dedication to professionalism and excellence Duende Flamenco is the perfect choice for any event.

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